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How to transfer your iphone photos and videos

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In this short tutorial we’ll show you how to transfer your iphone photos and videos onto your computer – Windows PC or Apple Mac.

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Ok so let’s get started. Now, apart from your mobile and your computer the only thing you’ll need to do this is a USB cord. That can go from your iphone to your computer.

Transfer iPhone Photos to Apple Mac

Plug your Apple device into your Mac with the USB cord. Now, open up the Photos Program on your Apple computer. If you haven’t synced your Mobile device with Photos yet you should be promoted to unlock your device in photos. You can do this by clicking on the “Trust this computer” message which will popup on your mobile device.

Transfer photos to Apple Mac

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see that your Apple mobile device will appear in the left-hand menu. When it does just click on it and it will open up all of the photos and videos on your IOS device. Then just navigate to the file or file you want to copy. Select them by pressing on them and then press the import button in the top right-hand corner. This will import the files onto your computer and save them into your photo library.

Once you’ve done this you will see the files that you’ve imported and if you want to access them quickly you can select them and drag them onto your desktop. Oh and you can also manage your photo sync preferences though the iTunes app too.

Transfer iPhone Photos to Windows PC

Once again plug in your mobile to your computer with the USB cord and you should see that a window pops up on your IOS device asking if you want to allow this computer to access photos and videos on this device – so click yes.

transfer photos to Windows PC

Once you’ve done this, open up my computer and you will see that your apple mobile device now appears as a drive. Double click on it and you’ll see that it opens up your mobile and you’ll see that there is a DCIM folder you can open. Now just find the file or files that you are looking for and drag them onto your desktop.

It’s really that easy. For more information on how to make amazing videos with you mobile devices check out our other blog posts or our Family Video Stories Course.

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  1. Dear Luke Brown, Wed. 28th. Feb. 2018.
    I run my own club in Brisbane’s City Hall twice monthly. It’s at;

    I use Linux Mint 95% of the time, the wrest of the time Win XP. I have members who use Apple but I don’t know how they Upload their files from their camera/phone/device but I will send the Apple part video to them.
    The Windows way is the same as in Linux.
    People have trouble using the so called image/video Upload software. When something goes wrong or they have done something they are in real trouble. “Where are my images and videos” is a common distress phase.
    You and younger generations are steps ahead of a lot of people, I’m 82 and have used computers for 30 years so no big deal for me. When you said “preferences” in your Apple part, oldies don’t know what preferences are.
    Anyway I have always tried to show people how to Upload the way you demo, in Win. I have come across some mobile ‘phones that the various folders appear in a filemanager but either nothing there or weird files.
    I have my own Youtube channel so if you will give me your permission I could put this particular video clip on it or else a URL to yours.
    Cheerio from Brisbane, Australia.
    Juan D’Alton

  2. Hi Juan, nice to hear from you. you’re right getting your iPhone videos and photos to your windows device is always a little tricky, I guess that’s why I made this video. Please use it any way you like. It looks like you’re doing some cool things with your cinematographer’s clubs

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