Family Video Stories Course


The Family Video Stories course will teach you how to capture your families precious memories with your mobile device and turn them into high quality long lasting video stories. The course is video based and features over 1.5 hours of HD video content on how to shoot and edit better home videos, fun video activities to do with the kids and advice on how to film everything from the school concert, to capturing holidays and your babies 1st 3 months.

This course is for Apple and Android devices



The Family Video Stories course covers everything you need to know about creating amazing video stories for your family with your mobile device. During this course, I’m going to use the skills I’ve gained throughout my career and the experience I’ve learnt from my own kids to help you capture the everyday moments, give you fun video activities to do with your kids, show you how to shoot, show you how to edit and we’re going to do it all on your mobile or tablet. The course content includes:

Course Content:

  • Changing your mindset – Is your mobile good enough to capture your families precious memories? Yes!
  • Becoming the Family Story Teller – Learn how to take charge of your families memories and become your families storyteller
  • Video Clip or Video Story – Learn about the difference between a video clip and video story.
  • The 9 rules of Mobile Video production – Learn how to shoot better video with our 9 rules of mobile video production.

How too Guides:

  • Filming Live Performances & Sport – Instructions on how to film and edit anything from school concerts, plays, award nights, dance recitals and sport.
  • Highlights Videos – I’ll teach you how to create an amazing highlights video of your next family event or holiday.
  • Babies first 3 months – A lot of the key milestones happen in the first 3 months, from babies first few days to meeting their brothers and sisters, coming home and those first smiles. In this guide, we’ll learn how to capture those moments and craft them into a truly memorable story. And if you’ve already lived through the first 3 months, I’ll show you how to craft the footage you already have something special.
  • Editing App guides – How to guides on how to edit with iMovie for iPhone and Action Director for Android.
  • How to back up your video stories – There is nothing worse than losing your phone and then realising that you’ve lost your memories. In this module, I’ll teach you a few ways to back up your precious video content.
  • Uploading to YouTube & sharing online In this guide, I’ll show you how to share your videos online with the world or with a select group of people.
  • Background music tips & tricks – And finally learn how to find great royalty free music, which you can use when you share your videos online. And I’ll also share some tips and tricks on how to be clever with background music.

Video Activities:

  • Kids wildlife documentary – In this activity, you can work with your kids to create a fun wildlife video, just thing crocodile Hunter only starring your kids.
  • Mini Film –  In this activity, I’ll take you through how to make a short 3 min movie starting your kids. We’ll cover writing the script, creating the costumes, planning the shoot, filming and editing.
  • Music Video –  In this activity, I’ll take you through how to create a music video of your kids rocking it to their favourite song.
  • Birthday Party Video – In this activity, we’ll create a fun video during your child birthday party or event, edit it and then lay it back on a big screen TV at the end of the event.
  • Holiday Video Diary – In this activity, I’ll show you how to capture your holiday memories and turn them into a series of video diaries for you to share online or just add to your video library.
  • Video Event Invitation – In this activity, we’ll create a super cool video birthday party invitation and send it to your guests by SMS or on Facebook messenger or Facebook events.
  • Video Treasure Hunt – This is activity is a little different to what we’ve done before and will even see you doing silly voices for your kid’s toys and will be great fun at your next play date or birthday party.

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