My Inspiration

and why I founded Our Family Film School

My Story

Hi, my name is Luke and I founder of Our Family Film School. I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia with my beautiful young family. My son Casey, my daughter Maggie, my Australian Bulldog Noodles and my lovely wife Jenny. Life sure is great!

I’ve worked in the Video & Multimedia Production for over 15 years. During my career I’ve worked on everything from TV commercials and short films, to filming huge corporate events and conferences and even sketch comedy. But the videos I’m most proud of are the videos I created with my kids. They’re not fancy videos shot on expensive equipment, they’re simple, but they tell our story and remind me of what the kids where like when they where little.

So, I decided to create Our Family Film School, because I wanted to share my knowledge and skills and teach parents how to create high quality video stories of their kids. For them to share and cherish them forever.

Inspiration Luke Brown

I love nothing more than spending time with my kids, but it just constantly amazes me how much time files and how fast they are growing up. It only seems like yesterday that they were little babies and now they are both at school.

The memories we create with our kids are precious and if you don’t capture and preserve them they disappear. I see one of my jobs as a parent as to be the family story teller and be the custodian of my family’s digital memories. So that when my kids are older they can re-live these memories and see what they where like when they where younger.

This is why I created the Family Video Stories Course. This course is designed to teach parents to take control of their families video memories. In the course we’ll teach you how to shoot and edit amazing videos that you can share with your friends and family.

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