Family Video Stories Course

Be the hero of your families video memories


Don't lose your Memories

Shoot Better Quality Video

Learn to Edit Video Stories

Amazing Resources & Activities

What does the course include?

Over 1.5 hours of video content that shows you how to shoot better quality video with your mobile and edit it into video stories.
9 How to guides that cover how to film live events, create highlights videos, capture your babies first 3 months and backup & share your videos online.
7 Video activities to do with your kids including; making a wildlife documentary, music video, short film, holiday diaries and treasure hunt. 
Personalised support though our facebook group so that you can capture the best memories of your kids.
30 page course activity book and quick reference guide.
A Family Video Stories Fridge Magnet that is sent to you in the post.

Family Video Stories Course

Don’t Lose your Memories

Do you have great memories of your kids on your phone?
These days as parents we all have loads of great video and photo memories of our kids on our phone. But they are hard to watch and share, and if you lose your phone you can lose all of your memories. Our course will show you how to take control of these memories and craft them into family video stories so they are easier to watch and share.

What happens to these memories if you lose your mobile phone?
We’ll if you don’t have them backed up on the cloud they’re gone… In this course will teach you not only how to back up your digital memories, but also how to share your video stories online safely.

Mobile Memories

Mobile Filming

Shoot Better Quality Video

You have the greatest video device ever created in your pocket or handbag
For the first time in history you can shoot, edit, broadcast and playback videos on the one device. This course will help you unlock the potential of your mobile device so you can capture better quality videos of your kids. If you have a mobile device that’s been made in the last few years you have the perfect tool for recording your families video stories.

Get to know the 9 Rules of Mobile Video Production
If you get to know our 9 rules of mobile video production, you’ll be shooting great video in no time. Our 9 rules cover everything from what to film and what not to film, how to capture better sound, how to hold your mobile correctly and how to tell a story. We’ll also explore what mobile apps and hardware you can use to record better quality video. 

Make your kids the stars of your family’s story


The course is great... see what our customers have to say!


"A user friendly and practical way to learn about using my mobile to create family memories".

Jenny - Mother


"I think the course is great and easy to go through as a person who has no experience filming or making videos.".

Carley - Mother


"Great, I have learnt lots. Not only have I learnt about filming and editing but it has encouraged me to learn more about my phone.".

Jennifer - Grandmother

Learn to Edit Video Stories

Editing videos used to be hard, but it’s now super easy to edit on your mobile device
It used to be hard to edit videos, even getting them off your video camera and into your computer was hard enough. But these days with a bit of guidance you can easily shoot on the same device you edit on you can easily edit videos that you shoot on your mobile.

When you edit your video it makes it easier to watch and share
We all have so many great memories of our kids stored in our mobile camera rolls, but they get stuck there. This course will teach you to turn this media into amazing family video stories, which will make them easier to watch and share.

Mobile Film Editing

Mini Film Activity

Amazing Resources & Activities

Help to get you through all the video jobs we do as parents
Capturing some moments are harder than others, like standing at the back of a room trying to record the school concert. This course provides you with step by step how to guides on creating a family video story of your kids 1st 3 months of life, how to film live performances and sport, birthday parties and events and how to upload your videos to YouTube and back them up.

Hours of Fun Video Activities to do with the kids
Included in this course are 7 fun video activities to help you capture great video memories of your kids. The activities include; how to make a kids wildlife documentary, a short film, music video, birthday party video, holiday video diary, event invitation and a video treasure hunt.

If you don't tell your kids story who will?


How does it work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for Android or iPhone?

Both, this course will teach you how to shoot and edit with both iPhone and Android Mobile phones and tablets.

How soon do I get access to the course after I purchase?

Straight away. As soon as you buy our course we'll send you an email with details on how you can access the course, as well as your username and password. If you have any problems accessing the course once you've purchased please just contact us on

How long is the course?

The Family Video Stories course contains over 1.5 hrs of video content and a 30 page work book. The course is made up of 31 video chapters.

How long will my membership to this course last?

Once you pay for your access to this course you'll have access to it for a 24 month period. Once this time expires you can renew your membership at a discounted rate. 

Luke Brown

My Inspiration. My Family.

G’day, I’m Luke and I’m the founder of Our Family Film School.  I’ve worked in the video production industry for over 15 years and I’ve produced 100’s of hours of video. 

But do you know what videos I like the most?  The videos I’ve created with my family.

I created Our Family Film School because I want to share my knowledge with you, so you too can create amazing video stories of your family. To cherish and share forever. I really believe that the time we spend with our kids as they grow up is so precious… and you need to capture these moments so you can relive it later. For both you and your kids.