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Recently, I was interviewed by Ben Amos with on the Engage with Story Podcast about how to tell your families story with video.

The Engage with Story Podcast is a weekly podcast exploring how digital storytelling, content creation and marketing engages an audience and moves them to take action through stories.. It’s a great podcast and definitely worth checking out.

If you’d like to listen to my episode, just hit on the play button below.

In the Podcast we covered:

  • How technology has made it so easy to capture video of our family
  • The issue of having content on our devices, but not doing anything with it
  • Thinking about the content you are capturing and what you’re doing with it
  • If you don’t do something with the content, you will eventually not be able to watch it
  • How to use story to make engaging content
  • The importance of thinking about your audience when recording content
  • Having a plan makes it easier to create story videos
  • The technology and Apps available to use make it easy
  • Top 3 tips to create better videos with our phones
  • How using storytelling in this way will impact storytelling in business
  • Recommendations to ensure we don’t lose digital media

This was a great experience and I look forward to doing more podcasts in the future.

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