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Family Video Stories Online Course

In our Family Video Stories course for Apple and Android, you’ll learn how to craft the everyday moments you capture of your kids with your mobile into meaningful family video stories.

The course will also teach you how to shoot and edit better quality video with your mobile device and includes 7 fun video activities, like making a music video and short film. It also includes how to guides on filming everything from the school concert to filming your child’s birthday party.

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Family Video Stories

Small Business Online Video Course – COMING SOON

Our Online Small Business Video Course for Apple and Android, will teach you how to shoot and edit videos with your mobile to promote your business online. During the course we’ll not only teach you how to make a series of videos for your business with your mobile, but we’ll also give you feedback on the videos you create!

In the course you’ll learn to create the following videos for your business:┬áBusiness Marketing Video, Profile video, Customer Testimonials and a Product video with a voice over.

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Small Business Course

Family Histories Online – COMING SOON

Our Online Family Histories Online Course for Apple and Android, will teach you how to create video and audio documentaries of your family and ancestors with your mobile. This course will cover how to conduct interviews with family members, how to use old photos and videos to tell a story and how to record voice overs.

Family Histories course

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